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Program Status: N/A Program Title: N/A
Scope: N/A Types of Operator: N/A
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AEO Benefits


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No certification authority

Operational Customs Compliance Programme

Title: The Green Corridor Scope: Import,Export
Types of Operator: Legal and natural persons Programme Status: Operational Customs Compliance Programme

OCC Benefits

o The ISA program provides opportunities for importers who demonstrate a commitment to compliance to receive many benefits including assignment of a National Account Manager; removal from the Regulatory Audit’s audit pool; and free entry summary trade data.
o The Trusted Trader Pilot for CTPAT Trade Compliance includes further benefits development such as:
o expedited rulings and internal advice
o reconciliation
o penalty mitigation
o removal from post release exams
o As part of the Pilot Phase II testing, CBP is continuing to evaluate and prioritize benefits, re-engineer the ISA process and work to develop and deploy the trade compliance section of the CTPAT portal.

Source: World Customs Organization: Compendium of Authorized Economic Operator Programmmes 2018 edition.