Authorised Economic Operators

Here you can search for Authorised Economic Operators by one or more of the following:

  1. Company Name
  2. Industry Sector (A simplified aggregation – full details are provided in the company details page)
  3. Country (37 countries are covered)

To see a typical, detailed Company Profile age see here.
Please note the data available for these profiles depend upon:

  1. The information made available by the AEO Authority for that country.
  2. Whether the organisation is listed within the Kompass Directory and if the organisation is listed, then then this will also depend on the data held by Kompass.
  3. The data made available by the Official Company Registry (“OCR”) of that country for that company.

As the information provided by AEO Authorities and OCRs is often limited and we have found what appear to be duplicate entries both in the AEO List, Kompass and OCRs, we are not always able to provide full profiles. We are raising issues that we find with the relevant authorities and Kompass to try to provide complete profiles wherever possible.

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