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Program Status: N/A Program Title: N/A
Scope: N/A Types of Operator: N/A
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Certifying Authorities:

No certification authority

Operational Customs Compliance Programme

Title: Compliance Programme Scope: Import/export
Types of Operator: Phase 1 - Importers, exporters; Phase 2 – Transporters and freight forwarders program; Phase 3 – Warehouse Keepers and customs brokers Programme Status: Customs Compliance Programme Under Development

OCC Benefits

o Eliminate document examination and/or reducing physical inspection according to risk assessment;
o Customs clearance with minimum data and simplified process;
o Exemption from the obligation to deposit collateral for import clearance;
o Monthly instalment payment of customs duties and taxes;
o Assigning special officers to help companies to coordinate and resolve Customs issues;
o Inspection at a place the importer wants.

Source: World Customs Organization: Compendium of Authorized Economic Operator Programmmes 2018 edition.