AEO Profile

Program Status: Operational AEO Programme Program Title: AEO
Scope: Import/Export Types of Operator: Importers, exporters, warehouse operators, customs brokers, logistic operators (carriers, forwarders, shipping companies, airlines), manufacturers
AEO List Published? Yes

AEO Benefits

o Compliance-reflected examination and inspection;
o Pre-arrival lodgement of import declaration and permission;
o Release of cargo before duty/tax payment declaration and duty/tax payment;
o Periodical lodgement of duty/tax payment declaration;
o Waive the requirement to place export goods into the Customs area;
o Establishment of a new Customs warehouse only by notification to Customs;
o Compliance-reflected reduced audit for warehouse operators;
o No monthly fee for customs warehouses;
o Simplification of Customs transit procedure;
o Lodgement of import/export declaration to any customs offices (to be introduced in Autumn 2017).

Mutual Recognition Agreements:

Canada, European Union, Hong Kong, South Korea, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, United States

Certifying Authorities:

No certification authority

Source: World Customs Organization: Compendium of Authorized Economic Operator Programmmes 2018 edition.