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Program Status: N/A Program Title: N/A
Scope: N/A Types of Operator: N/A
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AEO Benefits


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No certification authority

Operational Customs Compliance Programme

Title: Gold Card Service Scope: Import/ Export
Types of Operator: Importers/ Exporters Programme Status: Operational Customs Compliance Programme

OCC Benefits

The Gold Card Unit will provide the following services to all Gold Card members in a friendly and VIP environment:
o Attend to all Tax and Customs general enquiries.
o Process Tax and Customs clearances applications.
o Facilitate and give preference to the processing of returns, applications, lodgements, requests, services and review of assessments without compromising compliance.
o Receipt payment of all taxes and penalties.
o Direct referrals within all FRCA business units.
o Introduction of the Approved Economic Operator (AEO) program. Privileged Services Some of the benefits of being a Gold Card Member include:
o Priority services and personal baggage duty free allowance of up to $2000 at international arrival counters.
o Priority services for passports and permits at the Immigration Department
o Baggage collection and escort services by Airports Fiji Limited.
o Express lane and priority services for all inspection and clearance services at Biosecurity Authority of Fiji.
o Express lane for all Land Transport Authority services.
o Priority check-in at the Tabua Club Counter whenever the member is flying on the national airline, Fiji Airways.

Source: World Customs Organization: Compendium of Authorized Economic Operator Programmmes 2018 edition.