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Program Status: N/A Program Title: N/A
Scope: N/A Types of Operator: N/A
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AEO Benefits


Certifying Authorities:

No certification authority

Operational Customs Compliance Programme

Title: Contrat de Performance Opérateurs (Performance Operators’ Contracts) Scope: Import
Types of Operator: Importers Programme Status: Operational Customs Compliance Programme

OCC Benefits

o Eligibility of at least 40 % of the importer’s operations to the blue circuit (port exit without customs control )
o The companys’ blue circuit (channel) rate may increase (up to 90%) or decrease based on its performance
o Visit to the premises
o benefit from a deferment of payment procedure (duties and taxes paid several weeks after the release of the goods )
o customized assistance granted to importers

Source: World Customs Organization: Compendium of Authorized Economic Operator Programmmes 2018 edition.